One-Of-A-Kind Entrepreneur Competition

Work with a live technology platform to test your entrepreneurial skills in the REAL world.

We spent the last 2 years building world’s the first safe and secure re-commerce marketplace. 

Now we need YOU to bring this revolutionary product to life and change forever how used goods are bought and sold.

Why Participate?

  •  Real-World Experience: Test your skills in the real world with live tech and real customers.
  •  Bragging Rights: You team will have measurable results to share with employers, etc. and if you win you’ll have a great story to tell! 
  •  Potential Equity: The winning team will earn equity in DibsDeals.
  •  Ongoing Collaboration: The winning team may also find a role at DibsDeals.

How It Works:

1. Team Up: Form a team of like-minded peers, pick your team name, and register.

2. Select Your Territory: Choose your geographic territory by zip code.

3. Marketing Plan: Develop your marketing plan to activate the DibsDeals marketplace in your area.

4. $500 Setup Fee: A one-time setup fee ensures your commitment. The first 10 teams are free.

5. Competition: Execute your plan and compete for the top spot.

Join the Revolution Today and Reshape the Future of E-Commerce with DibsDeals. 

📬 Click here to send us an email with your team name, team members and desired zip code to start your registration. 📬 


* The winning team will be determined by considering the number of transactions completed on the DibsDeals application within an agreed upon timeframe in the team’s target geography — either one or multiple zip codes.

* The winning team will likely find a simple and effective market-activation strategy to bring users from their geography onto the app where they begin buying and selling. These strategies might involve novel marketing efforts, focusing on a specific product category (strollers, car parts, etc.), or some other method. There is no limit in terms of what steps may be taken other than legal requirements.

* All teams are expected to comply with any and all applicable laws and regulations. Any actions taken by the team within the competition are not the legal responsibility of DibsDeals or its team. For illustration, if you hire a blimp to advertise the DibsDeals marketplace and it crashes, that is not the responsibility of DibsDeals.

* A full set of legal disclaimers and requirements will be provided upon registration.

At DibsDeals, we take pride in our platform and believe in its potential to revolutionize the online marketplace landscape. While the core functionalities work well and the platform is stable, we’re not immune to the challenges that come with any evolving technology.

There are known issues and bugs within the DibsDeals app, and we acknowledge that it’s far from perfect. We’re fully aware that there is room for improvement. That’s where you, our valued team of MBA and entrepreneurial college students, come in.

Your participation is integral to our journey. We recognize that your enthusiasm and innovative ideas can help us address these issues, refine the user experience, and ultimately strive for product-market fit. Your support is a testament to your dedication to shaping the future of e-commerce, even in imperfect circumstances.

Let’s work together to unlock the full potential of DibsDeals and make it a marketplace that users can trust and enjoy.