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DibsDeals is a platform that increases exposure for your home and your items.

  • When listing with an affiliated brokerage, your home will automatically appear on the DibsDeals app. Buyers will not only be able to view your house listing, they can also view your showrooms and items you have posted for sale.
  • We make it simple to upload photos and item details directly in the app helping you achieve a professional and informative listing.
    1. Affiliated brokerage listings are automatically populated on our map – simply log in, search, and claim your home.
    2. Create your showrooms and tag the items you wish to sell.
    3. Add photos and select a category and your post has been created!
    4. Buyers can call Dibs to purchase your item directly, alleviating the stress of back and forth haggling and scheduling confusion. .
    5. You will receive an order request and can confirm pick up dates and times with the buyer. Scan their qr code receipt and that’s it! The money is saved into your account.

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