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Find quality items for sale, schedule pick ups, make payments within our app. 

DibsDeals is an app that makes it easy to buy and sell furniture that’s no longer needed, all in one place. We’re a curated place to browse for unique items for sale in their natural habitat (homes).We help buyers find unique items efficiently and confidently by providing a safe, secure, and haggle-free platform. 

Get the best out of our app in 3 easy steps:

Browse items for sale

Find that unique piece of furniture you’ve been looking for. Do it all in a safe, secure, and haggle-free platform.

Schedule a pick-up

Buyers choose a pre-determined pick up time set by the seller with our in-app scheduling coordinator.

Make payment with ease

No cash payments or third-party applications, making transactions safe and secure.

We make buying
safe and simple

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Here’s how you can buy on DibsDeals

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What DibsDeals buyers are saying:

“It was my first experience with DibsDeals, it was easy and convenient. I found a dresser that was the perfect size for my bedroom and was able to “Call Dibs”, rather than waiting around for the seller to tell me if it was still available or not. I picked it up the very same day! The experience was a lot better than other sites I have used to buy furniture.”



“I fell in love with this outdoor patio set and was hoping to schedule a pickup as soon as possible. Because I could “Call Dibs” on the item right in the app, I didn’t have to worry about losing the item to another interested buyer. That’s the worst part about Facebook Marketplace or Offer Up, you never know if the seller is going to choose someone else. With DibsDeals, I can make sure I get the items I want!”



“When it came time to meet with the seller, all I had to do was show him my QR code receipt and he scanned it right in the app. I was a lot more comfortable with buying the item in the app, especially since I don’t like to carry cash around.”



How the buying process works:


Find and buy unique items for sale in your local area


Call Dibs on an item to schedule a pickup and verify payment


A unique QR code will be generated to confirm your transaction for the seller to scan upon pickup

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