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Selling your items is safe and simple.

Post items for sale, schedule pick ups and accept buyer payments within our app.

We help sellers sell their items efficiently and confidently by providing a safe, secure, and haggle-free platform. DibsDeals is an app that makes it easy to buy and sell furniture that’s no longer needed, all in one place.

Get the best out of our app in 3 easy steps:

List items for sale

Sell individual items whenever you’d like or claim your home that’s for sale and sell multiple items at once.

Schedule a pick-up

Buyers choose a pre-determined pick up time set by the seller with our in-app scheduling coordinator.

Accept payment with ease

No cash payments or third-party applications, making transactions safe
and secure.

DibsDeals makes selling safe and simple

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What DibsDeals sellers are saying:

“I tried the DibsDeals app for the first time this week, my item had been sitting on Facebook Marketplace for weeks, but I was able to sell my item on DibsDeals app in just a few days. It was user friendly and I highly recommend it.”



“We went on to the app store and downloaded DibsDeals, it was so easy. There was a map, we found our house and I was able to go around and take pictures of the items I knew weren’t going to go with us to our next house…things started selling right away. I love the fact that the buyers came to us, it made everything so convenient!”



“Dibs is really easy to use, you either log in as a seller or a buyer, if your house is on the market, great! They list it as such and get extra promotion for their house as users view items on Dibs.”


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How the selling process works:


Upload a photo and tag an items to get started


Add item details, the price, and post your item for sale


Buyers will Call Dibs and schedule a pick up time


Scan the buyer’s QR Code
at pickup

Also selling your home? Find your house on our map and click “Claim House” to promote your items and your house listing simultaneously!

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